36" pot, 20' tall Ficus tree,
hand-selected in south
Florida and installed 9/1/83.
Underplanted with 'Song Of
Jamaica' Reflexa bushes.
The same tree in 2006 - almost 30' tall. This was pruned
from the 2nd floor balcony every 3 months -
enough prunings over 23 years to cumulatively
                   stretch the length of a football field!
Probably our favorite photograph -
A 17" pot, 12' Australian Tree Fern
with Hybrid Tropical Azaleas
in the front bed.

This is the view tenants and visitors
had from the 3rd floor balcony

Another view from the 3rd floor -
note the lush Tetrastigma Vine -
not an easy plant to maintain,
but no other vine could create
such a spectacular effect -
it was clearly worth the effort!
The same Tree Fern, with Bromeliads in
the Front Bed - and the Bench was
custom-made in our shop, too.
This atrium was
first installed
by us in 1983,
just 2 years after
our beginning.
This is a tribute
to this very
special planting.

This Australian
Tree Fern
favorite specimen -
was installed in
1986 after we filled
in a small pool.

Many of these
pictures were
taken on 12/22/07
- a month after
these Poinsettias
were installed and
24 years after most
of the plantings
were installed!
Two more views
1) Through the Tree Fern Fronds - a
view of the west planter with
Bromeliads - the permanent plants are
'Song Of India' Reflexa, a Dwarf
Rubber Plant, a Norfolk Island Pine, a
King Sago Palm, 2 Canala bushes and
a spectacular Hawaiian Rhaphis Palm.
2) From the 2nd floor balcony. The top
of a 9' Poinsettia Tree is visible, below
the Tetrastigma Vine.
The two front planting beds.
The East Bed:
5 - 6" Bromeliads - 1 'Raphael' Noeregelia,
and 2 'Passion' & 2 'Irene' Guzmanias.
Behind the Bromeliads are 5 - 10" 'Song Of
India' Reflexas, with a Cataractum Palm on
the left and a Norfolk Island Pine on the
right. The 12' specimen in the rear is a
European Fan Palm in just a 14" pot!
The West Bed:
5 - 6" Bromeliads - the same varieties.
Behind the Bromeliads are 5 - 10" 'Song Of
India' Reflexas, with a Norfolk Island Pine
on the left, behind which is a 17" pot King
Sago Palm with a Rhaphis Palm in the back
with a Canala Bush in the front right corner.