In March of 2006, we received a call to get
our ideas on interiorscaping this new atrium.

The resulting innovative design won for us
our 4th out of 5
Interiorscape Magazine's Best Project
Award - and our 3rd in a row!
The challenge for this project was to come up with a design before the seating furniture or layout was even decided, as   
            the building owner was having a tour in less then a month for a BOMA Award - which our they won!

                                               This is what this atrium looked like in March, 2006
For the front entrance, we chose the best cold-tolerant tropical plants there are - Rhaphis Palms. To get the best value
for the client, we obtained beautiful Hawaiian Rhaphis Palms in 14" pots at 7' tall. These were then placed into
CWI-1700's (again, for optimal moisture AND added cold tolerance) which gave them plenty of room to root out into.

For their planters we chose 'Euro' 22" Planters on Metal Stands - the latest 'look' that also protects the finish -
in the 'GunMetal' finish

The photo on the left
is from 7/6/06,
3 Months after the

The picture on the right
was taken 7/15/10,
4 Years later.

This is another
example of what the
CWI System
can do!
For the open atrium we chose 3 different heights and sizes of the new 'Symmetry' planters -
also in 'GunMetal' - for drama
and versatility!
This also enabled the use of a standard 14" sized plant at 7' - in the large 'Symmetry' planters,
we now had a
12' specimen at a fraction of the cost!

Initially, before any furniture was even decided upon, we placed all the plants together in a matching layered
arrangement in the middle of the two sides.
While the Hybrid
Tropical Azalea Braids
looked great for the
grand opening, it was
decided that long-term,
Hybrid Aglaonemas
were a better choice.

Then the
arrangements were
re-positioned to flank
the guard's desk so the
carpet and furniture
could be installed.

Once the carpets and
furniture were in
place, the Kentia
Palms and Aglaonemas
were positioned on the
carpet and the 6
Neanthebella Palms
were left flanking the
guard's desk.
     Through all 3 rearrangements - the 'Symmetry' planters looked great regardless of how they were arranged.
                          They lend a classic yet modern feel to this very modern and upscale atrium.

           And in the CWI's, the Kentias and Rhaphis have become truly magnificant specimens over the last 4 years!
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The final touch was the addition of
flowering plants in 16" Polished
Chrome Bowls for the glass tables.

We rotate custom triple
Bromeliads, Kalanchoes and
Poinsettias throughout the year.
Custom Triple Bromeliad
'Zamora', 'Soledo'
& 'Kapoho Fire' Guzmanias
in a 16" Polished
Chrome Bowl
Kentia Palm, 14", 8' in a CWI-1400     
in a 'Symmetry' 19" x 57" in 'GunMetal'
Poinsettia in a 16" Polished Chrome Bowl
Kalanchoes - Red, Yellow & Orange
in a 16" Polished Chrome Bowl
Custom Triple Bromeliad - 'Zamora',
'Soledo' & 'Kapoho Fire' Guzmanias
in a 16" Polished Chrome Bowl
with a Kentia Palm 14", 9' in a CWI-1400
in a 'Symmetry' 19" x 57" 'GunMetal'
Photo taken 4/09 - 3 years after installation!