Ficus Trees are probably the most admired, yet misunderstood -
even feared interior plant. However, the reality is that Ficus Trees
are actually
easy to take care once it's understood what they need.
And if given what they need on a consistent basis, they are among
the longest living and impressive interior plants
/atrium plants.

1. - Good light levels. Some direct sun is best, but good even, full
spectrum light is also acceptable. They are NOT a low-light plant,
2. - Evenly moist soil.
3. - Quality interior fertilizer - and there's only ONE worth using!
4. - Proper and regular pruning.
5. - Cleaning.
6. - Insect management if needed.

We are experts in the

care of large Ficus Trees -
from 4' tall in 10" pots, up
to and including these 32'
When we took over these

atriums in 2004, these
trees had grown all the
way up into the 3rd floor
skylights, were jammed
up against both glass walls
and over the balconies,
and loaded with scale - a bug that sucks sap and excudes a
very sticky residue.

We were called in September, 2004 to try to salvage this tree and the
matching one in the adjacent building
; which was so infested with mealy
bug, it looked like a fresh snowfall.

The above photo was taken in 9/04 right after it was pruned.

The picture to the right and below were taken 4/10 - 6 years later. No
scale, no mealy bug and as healthy as can be.
          Mission Accomplished!
We lovingly refer to them as "Marge Simpson's HairDo in Green!"

This photo was also taken 4/10 - but from the 3rd floor! Truly Amazing Trees!

The photo below is of the matching building's 32' Ficus Tree - taken 5/08,
about 2 months after pruning.

To prune these to be 32' tall and
only about 12' in diameter is
totally unnatural
(at 32' tall, they
would be about 40' wide in the wild)
but necessary in these tight spaces.
That's another advantage of
Ficus - they can be pruned to
almost any shape!

These trees are pruned twice
a year using a 32' scissor lift we
actually bring into the building.
It typically takes 2 men
about 6 hours for each tree,
including thorough clean-up
and disposal of the
several boxes
of branches.
                  Consistent and proper pruning is CRITICAL!
If allowed to 'grow out', Ficus become whippy and ungainly very quickly.
The leaves become very large indoors to capture as much light as possible, but the branches don't become
correspondingly large, so they weep heavily. In most cases, a formal shape is preferred.

                         If your Ficus don't look like these -
please give us a call - we can fix them -
        and get them to be the spectacular specimens your atrium or office or showroom deserves!
Ficus 'Monique' Basket Weave Braid Tree
14" pot, 7' in a CWI-1400 into a
16.5" Brushed Chrome Planter.
2 years after it was installed!
Ficus 'Indigo' Braid Trees
17" pot, 9' in a CWI-1700 into a
22" 'Euro' Planter in 'GunMetal'.
1 Year after it was installed
Ficus 'Indigo' Braid Tree
14" pot, 7' in a CWI-1400 into a
20" 'Sheraton' Planter
3 years after it was installed!
These are a total of 12 -
25' tall Ficus Trees
installed in 2
mirror-image atriums.

All these photos were
taken in 2009. The
atrium to the left was
installed in 1986
and the one on the
right in 1987!

These are carefully
pruned 3 times a year
and are the perfect
compliment to these
stunning atriums.
Ficus Braid Tree
10" pot, 5' in a CWI-1200 into a
14.5" Grey Planter.
3 years after it was installed!
Ficus 'Monique' Braid Tree
14" pot, 6.5' in a CWI-1400 into a
19" 'Italian'  Planter in 'Matte Black'.
3 years after it was installed!
Ficus Braid Tree
17" pot, 8.5' in a CWI-1700 into a
20" White Planter - with 3 - 6" Crotons.
5 years after it was installed and 2 years after
being moved from another property!
Ficus 'Wintergreen' Multi-Trunked Tree
17" pot, 10' in a CWI-2200 into a
26" 'Euro' Planter in 'GunMetal'.

These are just a few examples of the many sizes and types of trunks
that Ficus are available in - AND - there are a few other tree type
varieties - 'Allii', 'Amstel King' and 'Lyrata' as well as Rubber Plants
in many varieties - they are all in Ficus family.

The main thing is: Ficus are great plants if given what they need!
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