In order to safely install large trees, the proper
equipment is necessary. We use fork-lifts to
unload these large trees off the tractor trailers
from Florida, then install them the best and
safest way possible.

Very often, bringing machinery like a fork lift
into a building is just not possible.

For those instances, we have a custom built 2
ton Aluminum gantry crane.

This 1st use was in 1990 to install 2 - 30'
Chinese Fan Palms that were in 52" pots (
gallons of soil
)! These had to be lifted up and
over a 1' 6" tall marble wall and down 3' into
the planter.

The ONLY way this could be done in this
tight, imported marble and limestone atrium
was with our Gantry Crane.
This Gantry Crane has been
used many times since, as seen
in this photo - safely installing
one of a pair of 18' tall Black
Olive Trees in 2004.
In this case, we needed to
remove the grow pot and
carefully place them into
CWI-2200's in 'Grecian'
planters. There is simply no
realistic or safe way to do this
any other way.
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This shows our most recent use of this Tree Gantry...
Safely installing a 16' tall Ficus 'Allii' into a 42"
diameter and 42" tall 'Euro' Planter.
This tree was to be planted into a CWI-Modular
System and there is no other way to safely lift this
up and over the planter AND take the pot off for
the CWI system.