In 2005, we were recommended to Moretrench
American by their builder.

This project resulted in our
3rd of 5 Interiorscape Magazine
Best Project Awards
The challenge here was to get several large specimens to the 2nd floor of this stunning, newly renovated warehouse
which became their impressive corporate headquarters for this innovative company. The 2nd challenge was to bring
enough light into this central planter area so this 12' tall Ficus 'Monique' could thrive.
tropical plants are
shipped in sleeves
and larger trees in
Polyweeve 'Socks'
to protect them.
This enabled us to
literally carry this
21' pot, 12' tree up
a double-height
staircase. The
client was
cooperative and had the builder keep the handrails off until the trees were
delivered. This then meant, however, we had to keep this tree and several
others in one high ceilinged corner office until this central planter was
finished enough to be set-up.
Once again, we built our Exclusive Plywood Bridge System to:
1) Allow for species with different moisture requirements to be placed near   
each other
2) Allow plants to be easily turned for even growth.  3) Enable plants to be easily replaced if needed with minimal mess.
4) Create a strong surface that can be walked on.     5) Create a solid surface so the top dressing doesn't settle, either.
6) And NO COCKROACHES - under the wood is AIR, not bags and bags of soil. With a lunchroom nearby - critical!
This shows the Planter completed 5/05     This was taken 10/06/05 after the                 This was taken 8/24/09!
                                                21" SolaTube was installed. Click on Image above for more info!
We can't say enough about how cooperative this client was. Without the addition of the 5 adjustable light fixtures for
full-spectrum compact fluorescents and the 21" SolaTube, this tree would
never have become the gorgeous specimen it
still is today. The CWI-2200 and the professional plant food we use has been a big factor as well.
But without Moretrench American's immense cooperation, this would not have become a successful planting.
The Plywood Bridge System, the Lighting, the SolaTube and our use of the CWI System were all
critical in our being awarded our 3rd Interiorscape Magazine's Best Project Award!
These photos show how
amazing the CWI system
really is.
The picture on the left was
taken 5/05 while the one on
the right was taken 3/06, just
10 months later.

This tree consumes all 4.5
gallons this CWI-1700 holds
in it's integral reservoir
every 2 weeks and stays
gorgeous even in this
Southwest exposure.

There is not one
horticultural technician
nywhere  who would
top-water this size tree 4.5
gallons, but if this tree takes
it every time and is this
spectacular, who could argue?
These photos also show how amazing the CWI system really is.

This Bamboo Palm went from the photo on the left to the one on the
right in just over 2 years! Now, we don't typically allow Bamboo Palms to
get this large, but this executive loved it!

This Marginata went from what it was in 5/05 to this specimen in 2007.
It's almost like it's not even the same tree, but it is!
The CWI System features an integral
reservoir that is controlled by a patented
moisture sensor that works just like
holding your finger on a straw and
bringing it up out of the soda. That's a
vacuum over-riding gravity.

The sensor is placed into the rootball
and when the soil is moist, it holds the
water in the walls and floor like your
finger on the straw.
As the soil ball dries down, moisture is
released upward via capillary action.
The result: The plant is now deciding exactly how much water it needs.
If you give plants perfectly even moisture 24/7, under their control, they become the
stunning specimens you see here -
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