This features 2 - 15' Black Olive trees in CWI-2200 and planted into 'Grecian' 39" in 'Aged

The plantings on the balcony include 2 Bamboo Palms, 2 'Silver Bay' Aglaonemas and
1 'Black Cardinal' Philodendron, all in
CWI-1400 and 19" 'Grecian' planters also in 'Aged Stone'.

This photo, taken in May,
2004, is another of our
Interiorscape Magazine
Award Winning projects.

As well as the
Mid-Atlantic Interiorscape
Conference's Top Award in
this price category in 2005

The planters under the stairs feature a variety of Aglaonemas, 'Song of India' Reflexas, Spathyphyllum
(Peace Lilies), and 2 Kentia Palms. These are all in individual CWI's for perfect moisture levels 24/7 and
even more important, so that we could place plants that need a lot of water next to plants that would prefer
to stay drier. This was also achieved using our exclusive plywood bridge system - pictured below.

This system, unique to Anderson Ward Plantscapes, provides numerous advantages over filling planters    
with soil or soil-less mix. These include:
1) Allows us to locate plants with different water requirements adjacent to each other.
2) Enables easy replacements with minimal mess.
3) Provides a strong surface to walk on - to reach the interior of the bed.
4) Provides a stable surface for mulch - which prevents settling - which saves on mulch replenishing.
5) With nothing but air under the platform, the risk of a cockroach infestation is zero. With a bed this size or    
similar filled with soil or soil-less mix - organic material - there
would be cockroaches, it's not a question of 'IF'!

If you have planting beds with sinking mulch or even cockroach problems, we can excavate your planters and
set them up with this state-of-the-art system. If you are planning new planter bed projects, this is THE best way
to plant these, whether in a home, office, atrium, restaurant, hotel or auto dealership.
In addition to our use of the CWI
system and our plywood bridge system,
a few other features of this planting
contributed to it's TWO awards - the
other for the Mid-Atlantic Regional
Interiorscape Conference in 2005.

           These factors were:
1) To increase the light levels for the 2
featured trees
and the two large planting
beds under the stairs, the building owner
enthusiastically cooperated with us to   
install full spectrum lighting on an
independent timer on 14 hours daily.
2) The strategic placement of the 10
flowering plants throughout the 2 beds so
that people passing through the space in
any direction would always see color.

This picture was taken August 15, 2009 - 4.5 years after these
were installed! And we still get compliments every time we're
there servicing these plants. Getting these set up properly from
the beginning meant everything!
This featured 2 - 15' Black Olive trees planted into CWI-2200's, and then placed into
'Grecian' 39" Faux-Ceramic Fiberglass Planters in the 'Aged Stone' finish.

The plantings on the balcony include 2 Bamboo Palms,
2 'Silver Bay' Aglaonemas and 1 'Black Cardinal' Philodendron,
all in CWI-1400's and 'Grecian' 19" Planters, also in the 'Aged Stone' finish.