This photo, taken on January 8, 2007, is of:

2 'Preserved' Washingtonia Palm Trees,
flanked by 2 Spathyphyllum 'Lynise' in
14" pots and 3' tall - then planted into
CWI-1400's, which are flanked by
2 Rhaphis Palms (14" pots at 9+' tall),
underplanted with Golden Pothos in
8" pots, with Guzmania Bromeliads
in front to provide seasonal color.
The planting is identical under the other
Palm, with a low light planting under the
staircase in back

This atrium, initially installed in 1990, was
awarded one of Interiorscape Magazine's
'Best Projects of the Year' award in 1991.

These stately Preserved trees are not
plastic reproductions. These fronds are
pruned from living Washingtonia Palms
and preserved through a proprietary
process. The trunks are real Palm trunks
woven onto a PVC trunk. This provides a
much lower weight, minimal-maintenance
option when the lighting or humidity
levels are just not adequate for living
specimens this size.
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