The large plant is a Hawaiian Rhaphis Palm
in a 14" pot at 6-7' tall.
This was planted into a CWI-1400 (
for ideal moisture 24/7),  
then placed into a 'Euro' 19" Planter in 'Gloss Burgundy',    
and then placed onto a low-profile metal stand.

The flowering plant is a Triple Bromeliad 10" Garden
featuring 'Marjan', 'Passion' & 'Irene' Guzmania
Bromeliads for this change-out.
This was then placed into a
'Tier 1' 22" x 10.3" Bowl
in 'Gloss Burgundy'

This was installed February 1, 2007
This photo was taken August 3, 2007

Rhaphis Palms are in the Arecaceae family
and originate in China.

These elegant upright Palms have graced
parlors, hotels, executive offices and other
distinguished locations for over 100 years!

These are also THE most cold tolerant
tropical plants. We have successfully
used these near entry doors in hotels,
car dealerships and atriums with
ZERO adverse effects!

They also feature a
very tough leaf that
will tolerate being brushed against -
within reason, of course.

Bromeliads are 'epiphytes'.
In their natural environment they live on
other plants (typically tree branches),
but take no nutrients from the host plant.
Orchids are another example of
an 'epiphyte'.
'Epiphytes' populate the rain forests
throughout the tropics and include ferns,
mosses, lichens, cacti, as well as the
2000+ species of Bromeliads and
18,000+ species of Orchids.

These Guzmania Bromeliads are the latest
results of years of breeding to provide
long lasting blooms that will thrive for
many months in the home, restaurant,
hotel, office and atrium setting.

These 'Euro' and 'Tier1' Planters are from
the industry's best 'faux-ceramic' fiberglass
company. Featuring over a dozen styles in
44 finishes, these planters will compliment
almost any decor.
The CWI system           
is the ultimate
sub-irrigation technology.
And this is the only
system with an integral
sensor so the PLANT
decides how much water
it receives!!!
When tropical plants
receive ideal moisture 24/7,
they can then reach their
full potential. The CWI
also provides an additional
level of cold tolerance.
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