Our Professional Services Include:
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  • Interior Office Plants - We use ONLY the finest interior
    plants from the best nurseries in Florida, California & Hawaii.
    Please take a look at our Plant Selection Guide for ideas, and
    be sure to view some of our Portfolio pictures for even more
    ideas for interior office plants and atrium plants and to view
    some of our Interiorscape Magazine Awards in detail.
  • Our FREE, on-site consultation and a detailed, itemized
    proposal is how this all gets started, so Contact Us Today!

  • Decorative Planters - We can obtain decorative planters
    from literally dozens of manufacturers. Therefore,  we are
    very confident we can find the ideal planter to compliment
    your plants and decor and still be within your budget. And
    many planter manufacturers are using Eco-Friendly

  • Flowering Plant Rotations - Many of our clients take      
    advantage of our flowering plant program as a very cost         
    effective way to add color to their interior environments.    
    We  have a standard  program that features 6 change per
    year or we can custom-tailor one that best suits your needs,
    desires and budget.

  • Guaranteed Replacement Interior Plant Service -           
    This professional program provides regularly scheduled  
    visits by one of our friendly, thoroughly trained staff
    members. Our team member will make accurate watering
    decisions and trim, prune, clean, and fertilize as needed.  
    They are also trained to safely control any insect problems,
    should they occur, with strictly organic treatments. And in the
    event that a plant declines, any plant supplied by Anderson
    Ward Plantscapes will be replaced at no additional cost.    
    This program is the worry-free way to maximize your
    investment and ensure you receive all the wonderful, proven
    benefits live interior plants provide in your office, showroom,
    gym, atrium or home!

  • Silk Plants and Silk Flower Arrangements -                   
    For those special areas where the environment is not plant    
    friendly, or where access is limited, Silk Plants & Silk Trees
    provide a viable alternative. We can also provide custom Silk
    Flower Arrangements of all types for just about any situation.

  • Exterior Container Plantings - Our exterior plantings
    feature containers with integral reservoirs for longer
    intervals between waterings. We will work with you to select
    the perfect trees, shrubs and flowering plant material to
    enhance your entryway, patios, or any other areas. And we
    now offer 100% Organic and Local Herb Gardens!

  • Holiday Decorating - This is our specialty. From the very best
    Poinsettias in all sizes and colors, to spectacular Christmas trees,
    to Garland & Wreaths - both inside and exterior - we can make    
    your facility or home a winter wonderland - Or we can also supply
    just a few Poinsettias. The choice is completely yours.
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