Enhancing Indoor Environments throughout
Central & Northern New Jersey with
Interior Tropical Plants since 1981!
Where do we come in?

With our
award winning
expertise in design,
installation, and interior
plant maintenance
services -
and your vision -
we can create an interior
landscape that is beautiful,
and efficient.
Anderson Ward Plantscapes, Inc.
a Raimondi Group company

Indoor Plants do more than just look great
and improve your corporate image,
interior office plants actually purify the air
significantly improve morale and
productivity by a
proven 12%!

Interior office plants give us back oxygen
for our carbon dioxide - we all know that.
But did you also know indoor plants reduce
air toxins, reduce airborne mold & bacteria
spores by up to 60% and moderate humidity
levels - all reducing 'Sick Building
Syndrome' symptoms?!          

By placing 1 tropical interior plant per 100
sq. ft., your company could actually
per employee, per month
        just through reduced absenteeism!

It gets better - by improving
productivity by a university-proven
12%, the ROI
(Return On Investment)   
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Anderson Ward Plantscapes, Inc.
a Raimondi Group company
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is at least 30-1 the first year and
300-1 every year thereafter.

Interior Plants are critical for a successful
and healthier indoor environment!
And it just makes so much sense...
We couldn't even survive on this planet without plants.
Since we spend so much of our modern lives inside, why not
have us bring in some interior tropical plants to make our
homes & offices healthier and more inviting?!
One Hollywood Ave, Building 28
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423